Connecting people to God and each other.

We want to help you get connected to God and connected to other people. Being a part of a large group worship experience usually isn’t difficult for most people. It’s often more challenging to find a smaller group where you can connect with others. But we believe that being part of a small group enhances your life and your walk with Jesus. So, we want to try and make it a little easier to find a group where you might fit.

Seasonal Groups resume January 14, 2024.

SUNDAY 5:30-7:30p

Using Your Spiritual Gifts- Scripture teaches that as Christians we all have spiritually-endowed abilities over which God calls us to be stewards. The Bible calls these abilities spiritual gifts. Working through the Following God Bible Study, Using Your Spiritual Gifts, by Eddie Rasnake, each night will include small group discussion about the week's lesson, followed by a message taught by a rotation of the Woodland Park pastors and Elders. Meets in room 140. Workbook: $10.

GriefShare- GriefShare will not meet this semester. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Courageous Youth (Middle & High School) - The Lord placed on my (Rita) heart the name "Courageous Youth", because when a young person is struggling in the journey of emotional pain and difficult life issues, it takes courage- God's courage, for a journey that may be very difficult and painful. We must embracing God's unconditional love, strength, healing, and hope in the midst of the emotional pain. Hope Beyond the Pain is a Christian book and study for youth covering various issues of emotional pain in their journey of life. Unique issues affect our youth as they struggle in a world that often "does not seem to make sense”. The chapters use fictional characters, but each character reflects a specific emotional pain that today's youth encounter. Hope Beyond the Pain illustrates there's hope in Jesus Christ who is the redeemer of the world and who heals broken hearts and gives everlasting life. Led by WPBC missionary Rita Carr of Hope Unlimited Ministries. Meets in room 154.

Biblical Parenting Training - This class is for everyone from those about to start a family to those with adult children who want to sharpen their understanding of God’s goals for their parenting. We will spend our time understanding clearly from Scripture what the biblical purpose and guidelines for parenting in the home are and how to do that as best as possible in a way that will honor God. Led by Kirk & Karen Lehner. Meets in room 156.

 James Women’s Study - This study of the book of James is led by Debbie Bates and Lynda Strickland. In includes video teaching by Jen Wilken followed by group discussion. Meets in room 167.

Men’s FourOne Journey - The name, Four: One Journey (formerly Walking Worthy) is based on Ephesians 4:1, walking in a manner worthy of our calling and exists to assist members to resolve relational pain. Men's Four: One Journey is led by Brian Turner, Jarod Raley, and Steve McCary. This group meets weekly Sunday evenings at 5:30pm. Meets in room 168. Please visit for more info and to register

DivorceCare- It takes a long time and a lot of work to heal the pain that comes with the breakup of a marriage. From the legal and financial details, the emotional and spiritual pain, the effect on children, the feelings of betrayal, the loss of security, the fear of stepping into a new life- all aspects of separation and divorce which can be overwhelming, etching a deep grief in our hearts. DivorceCare is a place where those going through separation and divorce can find counsel, friendship, care, and understanding in a confidential setting designed for healing the wounds of divorce. Meets Sundays from 4:30-6:00 in room 169. Led by Pat Owens and Kay Datz.

WEDNESDAY 9:30-11:30a

Discerning the Voice of God Women’s Study - The Father so passionately loves you that He sent Jesus to die in your place. He desires a personal relationship in which He speaks directly to you. Have you spent most of your Christian life leaning on these beliefs without really experiencing them? No blessing surpasses a relationship with God in which you know when He is specifically calling you. The more intimate your relationship with Him, the clearer God's voice becomes. This study time combines videos with Priscilla Shirer along with guided discussion. Led by Rebekah Reyher. Wednesday Mornings at WPBC Room 167.

Colossians Morning Study - We welcome any women who want to study Colossians and have meaningful discussions. Our goal is to know what God says and put it into practice. He prepared good works for each of us to live out. Led by: Tommye Hammel. Meets in room 168.

MEMS - Moms encouraging Moms is a group for mothers of all ages who meet weekly for Bible study, encouragement, and fellowship. We welcome you! Fellowship begins at 9:30. Study: Exodus. Room: Middle School room in Youth area. Led by: Kristen Hammel and Brenda Waldrop.

WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:30p

Dust to Glory - In this informal class setting we will watch Dust to Glory videos by R.C. Sproul and discuss the material. Join Dr. R.C. Sproul on a unique study tour as he explores the major themes, events, and people that are brought to life in the Bible. Dust to Glory provides a panorama of biblical truth and a starting point to help you understand the content of the Bible. Dust to Glory can energize your study of the Bible, provide you with new insights, and improve your ability to read, understand, and apply Scripture to your life. Meets in room 166. Led by Sam Shorrosh.

Women’s FourOne Journey - The name, Four: One Journey (formerly Walking Worthy) is based on Ephesians 4:1, walking in a manner worthy of our calling and exists to assist members to resolve relational pain. Women's Four: One Journey is led by Elodia Flynn. This group meets weekly in room 153. Please visit for more info and to register.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart - This group will study and discuss the book by Tedd Tripp. For parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child's heart into the paths of life. Shepherding a Child's Heart gives fresh biblical approaches to child rearing that focuses on the heard instead of just trying to modify behavior. Led by Alayne Erickson. Meets in room 152.

A Practical Guide to Culture for Parents - A class for parents to help you practically engage in your child’s life on relevant cultural topics like social media, pornography, dating, LGBTQ issues, entertainment, and more. Led by Jeff Longenecker. Meets in room 169.

Kings and Prophets Evening Study - Using the Precept study, our group will study through the Kings and Prophets as we get to know God better. The Old Testament helps us understand who the Lord God Almighty is and what that knowledge means for our daily lives. Come join us. Led by: Tommye Hammel. Meets in room 168.

Men’s 2 Peter Study - This class is an inductive Bible Study of 2 Peter. This class is for men of all ages. There is no outside homework for this class with all work being completed during class time. Led by: Mickey Hammel. Meets in room 167.


The Practice of Godliness-Ladies Small Group - Godliness is more than a character trait. This foundational spiritual quality makes the entire Christian life dynamic, effective, and pleasing to God. But how can you develop a godly character? In this sequel to the popular book The Pursuit of Holiness, renowned author Jerry Bridges helps readers establish the foundation upon which godly character is built. The Practice of Godliness will open your eyes to see how character formation affects the way you relate to God, to yourself, and to others. Great for Christian growth, and practical at any life stage, this book will encourage you to embrace: Devotion to God, Contentment, Joy, Self-Control, Humility, Holiness and more. Your character formation will never be the same! Thursday 6-8pm Room 168 Led by: Holly Mays.

Bubba Land - Bubba Land was started by Pastor Wayne Barber as a place where men of all ages could come together and study God's Word & pray for the needs of its members. Bubba Land meets each Thursday at 6:30pm in room 169. Currently studying Romans. Led by Danny Cooper.

Find your fit.

Below you'll see links to groups from children all the way up to senior adults. Groups that meet onsite, in homes, even virtually—all throughout the week. Filter your search by location, focus, season of life, and more. If you find a group that interests you, just request to join and the group leader will give you more details. If you don’t see a group that fits, let us know what you’re looking for. We’ve got leaders ready to start some new groups over the next couple months. We hope that this is a practical way for our church to follow Jesus—together.