Covid-19 Update: Regathering Update 6

The leadership at Woodland Park is continually evaluating our church’s response to Covid-19. Taking several factors into consideration—the end of Hamilton County’s mask mandate on April 29, the accessibility of the vaccine to  individuals 16 and older, along with current trends across Hamilton County—we plan to take the following actions:

Starting Sunday, May 9, we will no longer require the wearing of masks when entering and exiting the building.
• We will begin phasing in standard practices, like serving coffee!
The 9:15am Sunday service will remain a mask-required service for now.
• Barring significant changes in the trajectory of Covid-19 cases in our region or church, both the 9:15am and 10:45am Sunday services will become mask-optional on May 30.

In light of these coming changes, we urge all individuals and families to act with wisdom concerning their particular circumstances. May Jesus strengthen Woodland Park so that we would continue our mission to encourage surrender, equip believers, and engage our world for the glory of God!