Elder Nominations, AMG Land Sale, Worship Center Sound System, Saturday Service

Elder Nominations

At the end of 2020, Eddie Rasnake and David Silvious will have each served a six-year term on the General Council of Elders (GCE) and will rotate off of the Council.  According to the Woodland Park Baptist Church constitution, when there is a need for new elders or when one or more elders leaves the GCE, the GCE will ask the congregation to prayerfully suggest the names of men to be considered for service.

A candidate should meet the Scriptural qualifications for elders spelled out in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:6–9 and should either have been a church member for at least two years or have prior experience serving as an elder in a like-minded church. After a season of consideration, interaction, and prayer, and if the GCE and the candidate(s) mutually determine that the candidate(s) should be considered by the congregation, the GCE shall inform the congregation of such nominations and allow the congregation a period of thirty days to respond in writing to the GCE if there is any biblical basis for any nominee to not be ordained and affirmed as an elder. After thirty days and the resolution of any and all issues, the GCE will ask the congregation to affirm the selection of each nominee to be ordained as an elder (if not previously ordained) and to begin a six-year term of service on the GCE.

If you know of someone who you feel is scripturally qualified and potentially interested in serving as an elder, please prayerfully consider nominating them by submitting their name(s). The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 4, 2020.

AMG Land Sale

Before the Covid-19 pandemic our congregation enthusiastically affirmed the sale of a portion of our property to AMG International for the relocation of their headquarters. The sale was finalized in mid-June and construction is being planned for the future.

Sound System Upgrade

The current sound system installed in our Worship Center has served us well for many years but has been in need of an update because of age and other factors. We are thankful that God has provided funds for us to purchase a new sound system! Benefits include an even coverage of sound throughout the room as well as greater levels of clarity and intelligibility—assisting us to hear God’s Word and respond in worship without distraction. We are working with All Pro Integrated Systems. Their installation will be completed before the Labor Day weekend.

Saturday Service

In our preparations to regather for onsite weekend services, one of our considerations was having enough space for every attender. In an effort to provide adequate physical distance, we added a third service time on Saturday at 6:00pm. We are encouraged by the positive response to this service time. Our leaders have prayerfully decided to continue with Saturday as part of our weekend service schedule through at least the end of 2020.