Dying To Live, Week 2

Day 1: Surrendering Our Passions and Time

As we continue to consider Munger’s illustration (My Heart, Christ’s Home) of whole-life surrender, this week we will enter the dining and living rooms. The dining room is the area of our life that houses our cravings and passions. The living room is the place where we fellowship. In the dining room, Jesus offers food that truly satisfies. In the living room He waits to meet with us daily. Munger writes, “You know, the truth that Christ wants my fellowship, that He loves me, wants me to be with Him and waits for me, has done more to transform my quiet time with God than any other single fact.”

Questions to consider:
  • Take a few moments to write out what you crave and get passionate about in life.
  • According to the verse for today, what did Paul crave?
  • How do we please the Lord? What do you think of in Paul’s life that pleased the Lord? (Consider Hebrews 11:6)
  • Are there cravings and passions that take up your time that you could give up in order to spend time with Jesus?

Day 2: Long For The Word of God

Just as a newborn baby longs (cries out) for food in order to grow and in turn be healthy and strong; we must long for the Word of God so that by it we may grow to be spiritually healthy. This passage is clear that longing for and “ingesting” (as a baby does food) the Word of God is what will allow us to grow in respect to our salvation. We, as believers, should naturally long for the Word of God and then submit to what we learn and allow the Spirit to help us apply it to our lives. If we set up the spiritual discipline of being in the Word daily, we will grow in our relationship with the Lord as we learn more about who He is and what He wants for our lives. A baby who does not long to be fed is unnatural and not being fed will negatively impact its growth and development. A believer who does not long for the Word is just as unnatural and will result in a lack of spiritual growth and maturity.

Questions to consider:
  • What is the example that is given in this passage about how we should desire the Word of God?
  • What will help Christians (this letter is written to Christians) grow in their salvation?
  • Is your relationship with God currently growing because of how much time you spend learning about God?
  • How does “tasting the kindness of the Lord” create a hunger for God’s Word in us?

Day 3: Trust the Lord and Not Yourself

If you are like me, I try to figure out things for myself long before I go to the Lord with it. These well-known verses tell us we can’t support (lean) ourselves. Our understanding of things falls far short of God’s understanding. Get to know (acknowledge) Him better and trust that He will make a way for you when you can’t see the way out.
Questions to consider:
  • What do you rely on (trust) most when it comes to making a decision? Feelings? Knowledge? Common sense? Logic?
  • What keeps you from giving God control of your decisions?
  • What decisions do you need to surrender to God and allow Him to make straight your paths?
  • How does access to God’s wisdom bring comfort to making decisions?

Day 4: Our Comforter And Protector

Have you ever stopped to think what it means to fear and trust the Lord? This is not blind faith. We have experience after experience where the Lord has come along beside us to help (comfort) us and protect (shield) us. It’s interesting that the word “help” is the same word used in Genesis 2:18 where God made Adam a helper. He has come Himself to be your helper today!

Questions to consider:
  • What is required in this verse to experience the comfort and protection of the Lord?
  • When is the last time you truly trusted the Lord with a situation?
  • Take a moment to write down or share with someone how the Lord has comforted you this week.
  • How big do you think the Lord’s shield is? Is it big enough to cover you?
  • What are other things/people that you fear or trust besides the Lord?
  • Take some time to confess these to the Lord and ask for Him to help you trust in Him alone.

Day 5: Trustworthy to Restore the Soul

The Bible is blameless because it is the very Word of God Himself. Because of this, as we take the time to read and study His Word our soul is restored and established according to His wisdom. As we study the Word of God and learn His precepts, commandments, and testimony it will allow our hearts to rejoice in knowing the truth of God and bring restoration to our souls . This is especially important and reassuring to know as we live in this time of uncertainty. Though the world may be uncertain and full of false information, we can rejoice in knowing that the Words of God are perfect, sure, right and will endure forever!

Questions to consider:
  • What are all the different ways that the Word of God is described in this passage?
  • What are all the results that the Word of God can have on those who believe?
  • How do these results motivate us to spend time in the Word of God?
  • Take some time to pray and ask God to use His Word to bring about these results in your life.