Women's Sunday AM Connection Classes

Joyful Ladies

The heart of this class is reflected in its name – Joyful Ladies. The desire is to be ladies who put Jesus first in our lives by reaching out to others and putting ourselves (yourself) last. In doing this we will stay focused and usable to express the love of God to others. The format is focused on prayer and Bible study, with fellowship times provided in and outside of the Bible Fellowship hour. The class is led by Janice Passons and consists of ladies of all ages. This class meets at 9:00 AM. Room 150

Living Truth

The name of our class reflects our goal and our hope: We look to the Living Truth, Jesus and His Word, as the wisdom we need to understand who God is, who we are in Him, and how we are to live that truth out in the moment-by-moment details of our lives. This class is comprised of women of all situations and ages. Our hope is to maintain a growing harmony in the shared diversity of life experiences. This class meets at 9:00 AM and is led by Dana Passons. Room 161

Encourager Fellowship

Our purpose is to encourage one another as we meet together weekly for teaching from God's Word.  We also encourage through prayer, sharing each other's burdens and God's answers.  We welcome women of all ages, and each woman is assigned to a care group.  This class meets as 9:00 AM is is led by Faye Frazier.  Room 158