Mixed adult classes


The Agape Class is a mixed class for ages 50+ and is led by Jim Barclay. The focus of the class is in the teaching of the Word of God for daily living. There is a fellowship once a month with a covered dish meal, games, and a Bible topic discussion. There is an emphasis also on praying for one another and for the church and meeting needs through cards, as well as taking food to each other in times of suffering. This fellowship meets at 10:45 AM Sunday. Room 157


The Barnabas Class is a mixed class of singles and married couples of ALL ages. This class officially begins when choir members arrive from singing in the 9:00 AM worship service. Until the choir joins us, the rest of us enjoy fellowship with friends over coffee. Bruce Daugherty's teaching includes word studies from the original languages and class discussion. Join us for an expository study of God’s Word and Bruce’s unique ability to unfold that truth. Ministries include an email prayer chain, small care groups, and monthly financial support for seven missionaries. This class meets at 9:00 AM. Room 157

Grace Fellowship

Grace class recognizes that it is by God’s grace that we exist and function, and we do that all to the glory of Jesus Christ. There are several class activities throughout the year. Each year begins with a retreat to the Smoky Mountains. The class enjoys some type of outing in the summer and always gathers for a fall Bar-B-Q. Throughout the rest of the year, each class member is part of a “Care Group”. That “Care Group”, with its leaders, will meet throughout the year for a meal and for sharing and caring for one another. Each Sunday we have a time to share praises and prayer requests. Grace Bible Fellowship Class is taught by Jim Bailey and meets at 10:45 AM. Room 155


Logos is a mixed adult Bible study Connection Class that meets each Sunday at 10:45 AM. In May 2016 we began an overview of the feasts mentioned in the Bible. Lesson materials will include printed notes and graphic charts. Occasionally we will consult the original text (Hebrew and Greek) to clarify meanings. In this discussion-type class members are encouraged to contribute to the class discussion. The teacher, Glen H. Jones, has served over twenty years as church pastor in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Room 150

Living Life Fellowship

Living Life Fellowship begins at 9:00 AM, and is led by Jan Silvious and David Silvious, this class is designed for men and women of all ages and life stages using a co-teacher method with class interaction. Room 126

Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship

Charlie and Pam Grant lead this mixed class of all ages. Join us for plenty of snacks and coffee as we discuss our trials and triumphs, going before our Father with prayer and thanksgiving for all He does in our lives. The bulk of the class time is spent paralleling the message of the day with application of those lessons to our lives. One might find us casual, informal, and somewhat laid back, but we sincerely strive to be “real”. We know that God’s eternal plan is perfect, and the only plan that equips us to achieve fulfillment in our earthly plan. God has touched our Shepherd’s Hearts with a longing to become a living hope in other’s lives through our active faith in our Father. The class meets at 10:45 AM. Room 169