We are all missionaries. Some of us are in other countries teaching, preaching, planting churches, etc. Some of us are missionaries in the marketplace, right here in Chattanooga, often the only light in a world of darkness. But we are all missionaries. The Missions Ministry of Woodland Park serves the body of the church by challenging to give, go, and pray. Conferences, classes, and publications are used to inform the body of mission needs. The Missions Ministry also serves to identify mission agencies, projects, and missionaries that God would have us to partner with in ministry.

The Outreach/Evangelism Ministry serves the body of the church by providing training as well as opportunities to serve. We are all envoys representing the name of Christ every day with our actions, attitudes, work ethics and especially our words. The question is: what type of ambassadors are we?

We provide the body with opportunities to be involved in short-term mission projects, local and regional outreaches, as well as serving as a source of accountability, encouragement, and mentoring to those whom God calls from our body to serve in missions. Sometimes we need a bit of help getting “out of the saltshaker” and our hope is to provide those opportunities in abundance.

2017 Short-Term Missions Opportunities

  • Haiti | July 22-28
  • Medical, Children’s, Women’s, and Evangelism Ministry $2,000. Contact Larry at lfrick@woodlandpark.org
  • EL SALVADOR | August 31-September 6
  • Medical, Children’s, and Evangelism Ministry | $1,700. Contact Larry at lfrick@woodlandpark.org