Missionary Care

Woodland Park Baptist Church supports 52 missionaries world wide, 42 national pastors/workers worldwide, and 9 organizations.

There are many ways to help the missionaries:

  • Financial Support through their organizations (contact Robin at rcurrier@woodlandpark.org for information on supporting these missionaries)
  • Provide Transportation to and from the airport for our furloughed missionaries
  • Provide a car or van to a missionary family on furlough
  • Help with our 4 mission houses
  • Provide medical, dental, and/or eye exams for furloughed missionaries
  • Provide a meal and/or stock their kitchen with food

If you are interested in more information or would like to volunteer in any of these areas please contact Larry at lfrick@woodlandpark.org.

Mission Houses

WPBC has four mission houses available for our missionaries when they are home on furlough (from a few weeks up to a year). Some of the houses are maintained by Adult Connection Classes, and others are maintained by volunteers. 

There is always a need for general maintenance and to keep houses updated and furnished. Needs include:

  • Yard work including mowing, bush & tree trimming, weed whacking, etc.
  • Preparing for new renters: Cleaning, stocking pantry etc. 
  • Plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, or installing new ones
  • Updating: Painting, replacing flooring, counters, etc.
  • Provide meals


When our missionaries are home on furlough they need transportation

  • Picking up or taking to the Atlanta Airport
  • Frequently they need a car while in Chattanooga (either to borrow or purchase inexpensively)

Medical Needs

Many times when missionaries are on furlough they have medical and/or dental needs. Any doctor, PA, NP, or dentist that would be willing to volunteer to help a missionary, please contact Larry at lfrick@woodlandpark.org.