AWANA 2yrs-5th grade | Learning God’s word through scripture-based curriculum, awards, discipleship, and fun games. AWANA is for two year olds through fifth graders. Cost includes yearly fees, books, and uniforms.

PRIME 6th Grade | Room 173 S&E 7th & 8th Grade | Room 191 | Led by Jake Mueller

SR.HIGH MINISTRY Off campus locations

COLLEGE MINISTRY Room 140 | Led by Nathan Daugherty Student-led worship, prayer, and Bible study along with refreshments.

BEGINNINGS Worship Center | Led by Pastors. A study of the Bible’s first five books. 

CROWN FINANCIAL MINISTRIES Room 193 | Led by Nathan Strait A biblically based study answering questions regarding financial stewardship and responsibility. Pre-registration required. Contact Nathan Strait: (423) 421-4395 | nathangstrait@gmail.com

UNHINDERED JOY Room 166 | Led by Amy Dean. A ladies verse by verse study through the book of Philippians. Discover God’s heart toward you to live in a JOY that is consistent and unhindered. Begins September 10. 

RUN FOR GOD Room 170 | Led by Doyle Thomas and Doug Forrester. This 5K challenge is part Bible study and part training program to teach the disciplines of running and following Christ. 

PRECEPT 40 MINUTE STUDY Room 168 - led by Debbie Bates; The Book of Romans shares the clearest presentation of the gospel and sets the stage for many foundational truths. Class is led by Debbie Bates, Book: $5.50. 

GRIEFSHARE Room 190 | Led by Michael Deems. GriefShare is a 14-week Christ-centered, biblically-based support group seminar. A grieving person can j:oin at any time during the 14-week cycle. Each session includes a video and small group discussion. Book: $15.00. ESL Rooms 150,152, 155 | Contact Larry Frick. 

WALKING WORTHY A course to help you discover past hurts and work towards a journey to freedom. Contact Robin Currier, rcurrier@woodlandpark.org or 423-899-9186, ext. 137


MEMS (MOMS ENCOURAGING MOMS) Room 157 | Led by Kristin Hammel and Brenda Waldrop This is a class for Moms of all ages and includes a time of encouraging one another in whatever stage of motherhood you may be experiencing.  
JEREMIAH Room 169 | Led by Tommye Hammel Precept upon Precept study Jeremiah was a prophet appointed by God who delivered a hard message to the people of his day – and it’s still God’s message today. It is a call to listen to His Word, and heeding Jeremiah’s message can bring healing and hope to all. Book: $22.25.
MATTHEW PART 1 Room 168 | Led by Tammy Crawford This class brings you face-to-face with the long-awaited Messiah. Observe His miracles and listen to His teaching and then evaluate your life against the standard that Jesus holds. Book: 13.50. 
GRIEFSHARE Room 190 | Led by Dottie Powell GriefShare is a 14-week Christ-centered, biblically-based support group seminar. A grieving person can join at any time during the 14-week cycle. Each session includes a video and small group discussion. Book: $15.00.


ONEWORSHIPKIDZ JR 3yrs-5yrs | Room 179
ONEWORSHIPKIDZ 1st - 5th grade | Room 157
PRIME 6th Grade | Room 173 | Led by Chris and Mary Anna Coleman Sixth Graders are in a world of their own. They are at the end of their “childhood” years and are entering those “tween” years where they are trying to learn where they fit. Whether it’s being in a new school or trying to figure out what is going on in their bodies, this is the most important time to be grounded in the Word of God and learn to find all of life’s answers there. Sixth graders will join together (co-ed) for Biblical teaching and practical application so that they can learn to live out the faith of their childhood. 
WILDLIFE Grades 7-8 | Room 127 | Led by Jake Mueller Consists of Word-saturated teaching on current issues, co-ed small groups, games, and team competitions.
SALT Room 169 | Contact rcurrier@woodlandpark.org Servant Approach Leadership Training. This is the first of a two year curriculum equipping those who want to dig deeper into ministry and theology.
BUBBALAND Room 171 | A Woods to the Word Study by Wayne Barber in the book of James. Faith is an intentional choice we make to bow and say yes to Christ who lives in us in the person of the Holy Spirit to enable us in all that He requires out of us. Book: $10.00
LEVITICUS Room 168 | Led by Tommye Hammel An in-depth Bible study with no, or very little homework. Sacrifices, priesthoods, and feasts teach us how we can be holy and learn to worship God. This study will also help you understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. | Book $17.50
PRAYER AND BIBLE STUDY Room 155 | Led by Bruce Daugherty Join us for a time of prayer and Bible study as we study the book of Romans.
ONEWORSHIP CHOIR AND ORCHESTRA Worship Center | Led by Carey Dean and Roy Denton. Worship Ministry vocal and instrumental rehearsals. The Worship Ministry’s heartbeat is to develop Discipled Worshipers in declaring His Glory.
DIVORCE CARE Room 190 | Led by Vicki Jackson and Pat Owens Divorce Care groups meet weekly to help you face the challenges of separation and divorce in order to begin rebuilding your life.