Equipping Students

wednesday nights | 6:30 PM

The Escape | Grades 9-12

Students come from a busy day at school, so Wednesday nights are a time of encouragement, prayer, community, and worship. Each week will offer a different opportunity for students to build community and grow in their walk with God. In no particular order, our Wednesday Escapes will include Biblical leadership development, gender-focused gatherings, small group fellowships, and a night of community called the Great Escape. Led by Justin Wilson | No Cost | Room 140

Wildlife | Grades 7-8

Consists of Word-saturated teaching on current issues, co-ed small groups, games, and team competitions.Led by Jake Mueller | No Cost | Room 127

Prime | Grade 6

Sixth Graders are in a world of their own. They are at the end of their “childhood” years and are entering those “tween” years where they are trying to learn where they fit. Whether it’s being in a new school or trying to figure out what is going on in their bodies, this is the most important time to be grounded in the Word of God and learn to find all of life’s answers there. Sixth graders will join together (co-ed) for Biblical teaching and practical application so that they can learn to live out the faith of their childhood. Led by Chris and Mary Anna Coleman | No Cost | Room 173

sunday nights | 6:00 PM

Sr. High | Grades 9-12 .

Led by Justin Wilson and Sr. Leaders | No Cost | Room 140

S & E | One Mind | Grades 7-8

Led by Jake Mueller | No Cost | Room 191

TrueU | Prime | Grade 6

Led By Mickey and Kristen Hammel | No Cost | Room 173