Equipping Students

wednesday nights | 6:30

The Escape | Grades 9-12

The Escape is our Wednesday night "getaway" for Sr. High students. Everyone is ready for a midweek break, so we want to offer a time to "Escape" from the burdens of this world and find rest in God's Word. On Wednesday nights, we will join our SrHigh student band for a time of worshiping Jesus together followed by studying Scripture word for word and understanding its importance in our lives. Join us at 6:00 to hang out and play some games. Plus, you can pre-order a Chick-fil-A box meal (chicken sandwich, waffle chips, and a cookie) on Sunday mornings for $6. 

Led by Justin Wilson | Room 140

Wildlife | Grades 7-8

Consists of Word-saturated teaching on current issues, co-ed small groups, games, and team competitions.

Led by Jake Mueller | Room 127

Prime | Grade 6

Step up in your FAITH!!!  This Fall, come study Hebrews chapter 11 with us.  The chapter that is often called the "Hall of Faith".  As we explore God's Word together, our heart is to encourage 6th graders to read the Bible daily, to pray, and to dig deeper into their own faith in Jesus Christ.  Our study is made especially for this age group and is full of applications from the Word especially for this stage of their lives. 

Led by “Dr Chrisand "Mrs. Mary AnnaColeman | Rm 173

sunday nights |  5:45

Sr. High | HouseGroups | Grades 9-12

Led by SrHigh Leaders  | For more info click: HouseGroups

S & E | OneMind | Grades 7-8

Led by Jake Mueller | Room 191

Prime | Grade 6

Led By Mickey and Kristen Hammel | Room 173