Foundations (9:00 AM. Room 190)

Just as a building superintendent checks the blueprint design, so also when a couple begins their marriage, they should also consult the design found in God’s Word. Led by Mickey Hammel.  For couples in the 30-45 age range. The class meets at 9:00 AM. Room 190

Marriage Adventure (9:00 AM. Room 167)

The Marriage Adventure is a class for couples in their 30’s and 40’s. Taught by Bill King, the class seeks to study topics relevant to marriage, as well as living the exchanged life. The class meets at

Portion & Cup (5:45 PM | Room 156)

We connect married couples in their 20’s and 30’s in a small-group format. We are community focused and Word-centered. Our times together are a balance of teaching, men’s and women’s discussion questions, and breaking down one-on-one to connect further with one goal in mind – growing close to each other; growing closer to Jesus. Portion & Cup is led by Jeremy & Amy McMillian.

The Vine

The Vine is a group of couples in their 30’s and 40’s. The class meets at 9:00 AM and is led by Tim Blackiston and Ryan Breneman. Room 155

Real Life Fellowship

This class is for couples in their 40’s. The class meets at 9:00 AM and is led by Bryan and Michelle Johnson Room 153

Marriage Life Fellowship

Marriage Life Fellowship is designed especially for couples, so stop by and visit this community for teaching, fellowship, and sharing life’s journey. Marriage Life Fellowship was birthed from Single Life Fellowship, a single adult community. Over the years, these folks, while serving Christ in their singleness, met one another, developed a friendship, and then married. They believe that the Lord has called them to minister to and with other couples who share a common journey and passion to serve Christ, one another, and those outside the Body of Christ. Marriage Life is led by Gary Masterson and meets at 10:45 AM. Room 166